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Q2 Stadium

Q2 Stadium Austin, Texas, has a new addition to its already vibrant sports scene, with the opening of Q2 Stadium in June 2021. Located at 10414 Mc Kalla Pl, Austin, TX 78758, the state-of-the-art stadium is home to Austin FC, the city’s first-ever professional soccer team. In this article, we’ll look closer at Q2 Stadium, its features, and its impact on Austin’s sports scene.

Design and Features

Q2 Stadium was designed by Gensler, a global architecture and design firm with a focus on sustainability and community engagement. The stadium’s most notable feature is its asymmetrical, jagged roof that covers the seating area and provides shade for fans. The roof is made of a translucent material that allows natural light to filter through, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere inside the stadium. Read more

In addition to the roof, Q2 Stadium has a number of other impressive features. The playing surface is made of natural grass and is surrounded by state-of-the-art LED lighting. The stadium’s sound system is also top-notch, with over 2,000 speakers throughout the venue to provide an immersive audio experience for fans.

Another notable feature of Q2 Stadium is its sustainability efforts. The stadium was designed to be LEED-certified, meaning that it meets strict environmental standards for energy efficiency, water usage, and more. The stadium’s roof is designed to collect rainwater, which is then used to irrigate the playing field and surrounding landscaping.

Community Impact

Q2 Stadium has already had a significant impact on the Austin community, both economically and socially. The stadium has created hundreds of jobs, including both full-time and part-time positions, and has contributed to the local economy through increased tourism and spending.

Beyond its economic impact, Q2 Stadium has also become a hub for community engagement and social activism. Austin FC has made a commitment to being an inclusive and socially responsible organization, and the stadium reflects that commitment. For example, the stadium has a designated “supporters’ section” where fans can stand and cheer on the team, creating a lively and passionate atmosphere. Additionally, the stadium has partnered with local organizations to promote social causes such as LGBTQ+ rights and racial justice.

Matchday Experience

Of course, the most important aspect of any sports venue is the matchday experience for fans, and Q2 Stadium does not disappoint in this regard. The stadium’s design creates an intimate and immersive atmosphere, with fans feeling close to the action on the field.

One of the unique features of Q2 Stadium is the “Legends Suite,” a premium seating area that provides fans with a high-end experience. The suite includes comfortable seating, access to a private lounge, and exclusive food and beverage options. However, even fans in the general seating areas can enjoy a wide range of food and drink options, including local Austin favorites such as breakfast tacos and craft beer. More

In addition to the on-field action, Q2 Stadium offers a range of activities and entertainment options for fans. The stadium has a “fan zone” area outside the stadium where fans can gather before and after the game, as well as during halftime. The fan zone features food trucks, live music, and other entertainment options.

Q2 Stadium

People Loved the Q2 Stadium

Q2 Stadium is a soccer-specific stadium located in Austin, Texas. It is home to Austin FC, a professional soccer team that began playing in Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2021. Some reasons why people might love Q2 Stadium include:

  • Modern facilities: Q2 Stadium was built in 2021 and had state-of-the-art amenities, including a large video board, premium seating options, and a variety of food and beverage options.
  • Atmosphere: Fans of Austin FC and other soccer teams have praised the atmosphere at Q2 Stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 20,500 and is designed to create a lively and intimate experience for fans.
  • Location: Q2 Stadium is located in the heart of Austin, which is known for its vibrant culture and entertainment options. The stadium is easily accessible by public transportation and is surrounded by a variety of restaurants and bars.
  • Community pride: Austin is a rapidly growing city, and the arrival of Austin FC and Q2 Stadium has generated a lot of excitement among locals. Many people are proud to have a professional sports team in their city and see Q2 Stadium as a symbol of that pride.

Overall, Q2 Stadium offers a modern, intimate, and exciting sports experience that has drawn praise from many fans.


Q2 Stadium is a welcome addition to the Austin sports scene, providing a world-class venue for soccer fans and a hub for community engagement and social activism. With its unique design, commitment to sustainability, and focus on creating an immersive matchday experience, Q2 Stadium is sure to become a destination for sports fans from around the country and the world. Whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or simply looking for a fun and unique way to spend an evening, Q2 Stadium is definitely worth a visit.

Important Information’s 

  • Location: 10414 Mc Kalla Pl, Austin, TX 78758
  • Plus code: 97QJ+36 Austin, Texas
  • Website: http://austinfc.com/
  • Operation time: N/A