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Polished Concrete Floors

The experts at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions, the top polished concrete company in Texas, can help you turn your ordinary concrete surface into a polished architectural element. Polished concrete can reveal a striking appearance that mimics natural rock or stone. The process provides a durable surface that lasts longer than other materials and can be used in a variety of applications both commercial and residential.

Concrete was in the past considered a dull construction material suitable only as a foundation to be covered by “more appropriate” types of material. This outdated assumption has rapidly been replaced with the realization that polished concrete floors and other surfaces are stylish.

Polished concrete can be combined with decorative designs and stains to create a luxury look in any property. Concrete that is professionally polished is now sought after as a worthwhile and affordable option as the primary surface in various uses for modern businesses and homes.

Polished concrete is durable and stylish

The general process for polished concrete is accomplished by grinding existing concrete into a smooth finish using techniques similar to sanding wood. A unique machine with special disks segmented with diamonds is used to grind down the concrete layer by layer until a fine finish is achieved. The professionals at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions have years of experience with the polished concrete process.

A concrete surface requires several initial layers of course grinding followed by an application of a hardening substance to fill in the porous concrete. This is followed by several layers of fine grinding to deliver the smoother polishing and ultimately the final finished surface.

Each successive layer of grinding is smoother than the previous which allows customers to select varying levels of polish based on their custom needs. A sealant or other protective sealant may be applied depending on the final use of the concrete.

Grade and finish are used to describe the final look of polished concrete. A final grinding process that exposes more of the underlying aggregate in the concrete would be considered a higher grade. A higher grade in the finish is indicated by more shine from the final polishing.

Concrete is almost like a blank canvas when it comes to adding designs and colors to a polished finish. Creative use of stains and artistic designs can help turn standard-grade concrete into decorative concrete with a fashionable look and feel. Concrete can be polished to such a fine level that it is mirror-like in appearance and reflection.

Despite the shinier and smoother finish of polished concrete, the new look doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of the material. Polished concrete is still a durable and long-lasting solution for flooring and other applications.

Polished concrete can also be achieved in new concrete projects with proper planning and design through a contractor. If existing concrete is too rough or in poor condition, an overlay can be added and polished.

Save money, help the environment

Polished concrete has both practical and financial advantages over other flooring that Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can deliver for you.

Care and maintenance is determined by the amount of regular foot traffic for polished flooring or daily use on other surfaces such as countertops. Surface areas with limited use only require occasional mopping or non-abrasive cleaning to maintain the sleek appearance. The concrete hardening solution applied during the polishing process eliminates the need for waxing the flooring.

Polished concrete remains durable for many years, even decades, and is resistant to scuff marks, chipping, stains, and other wear-and-tear that can erode other types of surfaces. After the first five years, polished concrete will likely need to be refinished to maintain the shinier look and feel. This refinishing is less involved than the original polishing process and may not be needed until years later if daily use is not heavy.

The initial investment in polished concrete pays off with the lower lifetime cost of the material. Less cleaning, repair, and maintenance costs add up compared to other types of surfaces. As an example, hardwood flooring will wear out in a shorter time and need full replacement while polished concrete will continue strong with limited maintenance. Polished concrete remains useful, effective, and attractive far longer than other materials.

Polished concrete is also considered an environmentally friendly solution for commercial and residential use.

Most polished concrete is created using existing material such as building foundations, patios, and driveways. This eliminates the need to use new materials in the improvement project. When new concrete is used, the polishing process eliminates the need for additional types of material, i.e. vinyl or hardwood flooring, after the concrete is installed. There is also less labor and waste associated with forming and installing polished concrete.

Because polished concrete requires less maintenance there is less labor required and fewer cleaning solutions, waxes, and special coatings are used in the long life of the material.

This unique finishing process reduces waste and cost while also producing an often-overlooked advantage. The polished finish readily reflects light and can lower lighting needs. The shinier surface not only adds a beautiful accent to your property, it produces a brighter environment.

Polished concrete creates a durable and sustainable surface that is useful over the lifetime of a commercial or residential property. This reduces the environmental footprint associated with construction and improvement projects.

Expert polished concrete company

Polished concrete provides an alternative to other improvement options thanks to its lower overall cost, limited maintenance needs, durable sustainability, and stylish effects that last for years. The expert team at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can deliver the polished concrete installation for your next improvement project. Give us a call today! 

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