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Stained Concrete Patio

If youíve delayed remodeling your patio because of cost or the fact that construction could interrupt any entertainment plans, you now have a faster, more affordable option through Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions.

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can turn your focus to why resurfacing patios is a must-have improvement project. Most property owners focus on interior looks and maintenance while overlooking needs and opportunities outdoors. A resurfaced patio, whether itís a small front entryway or a larger back patio, provides an opportunity to impress and entertain guests.

Our hard-working concrete specialists can help you transform your patio with a new look to greet guests and display the pride you have in your business or home. You can go from ìwish I could do somethingî to resurfacing your patio in just a few days. Why not get a creative makeover that gives new life to a drab slab of concrete without having to tear out the old surface? Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions has a straightforward process that allows technicians to maximize their skill and experience to save time while creating an affordable new patio.

Simple, Affordable New Patio

Patio resurfacing doesnít have to be a complicated process. Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can help you with a variety of creative ideas and options for surface materials. Your imagination becomes the new design with varying styles, colors, and patterns to choose from and multiple resurfacing materials. The combinations are virtually unlimited. You can extend the lifetime of your existing concrete with a creative look that changes the space with a new flair for design.

Not only does concrete resurfacing add a new look it holds up against damaging exposure to the sun and harsh weather elements or temperature better than any traditional materials. A new surface can provide the natural look of stone, combine multiple colors for added flair, or you can apply varying patterns. The new surface is more affordable than most clients expect, and your concrete overlay becomes a durable surface that can last for many years.

No one really enjoys plucking weeds from between stone pavers or replacing rotted wood decking, so why even consider these types of patio materials? Concrete patio resurfacing requires less maintenance and easier to clean for everyday use and requires less attention to prepare for your next event.

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions considers all patio projects whether large or small, business or home. Our goals is to help you learn more about your options and help you complete your project at an affordable price.

Competitive Concrete Patio Surfaces

When considering cost, a concrete overlay or coating presents a more affordable option to tearing up and replacing an entire concrete patio. Replacement is an extended process with heavy labor requirements and higher costs. A new coating over the existing surface requires a relatively thin application of material to produce an entirely new patio surface.

Decorative concrete prices vary due to options for the size of the patio, type and quality of overlay or coating, and any creative designs or color combinations. As with most anything, a single color will be less expensive than a complicated design with a multi-color combination. Our team of concrete design specialists can help you get the most from your creative ideas combined with the most affordable selections to complete your patio customization goals.

Any dull looking concrete patio can be transformed into a new look that complements the style and architecture of your property. Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions works hard to be the top patio resurfacing contractor in Texas with a select team of professionals to get the job done.

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions wants you to have all the information you need to select the best decorative concrete patio solution for your needs. The concrete professionals on our team are open to discussing all your options, providing a detailed estimate of all work, and working with you throughout the resurfacing process. Our goal is to make the resurfacing process as stress-free as possible so you can start enjoying your new patio surface as quickly as possible.

High-Quality Patio Improvements

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions is a team of hard-working and exceptionally skilled concrete specialists who are driven by a dedication to make all patio jobs a real improvement for all customers. We want to help you create the signature patio look to match the style and architecture of your property. Modern methods for resurfacing provide a natural look and feel that saves installation time and helps you stay within budget.

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions offers affordable services for the decorative concrete patio resurfacing for your business or home. Let our team of professionals deliver this durable, low-maintenance flooring solution for you.

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