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Epoxy Garage Flooring

The old days of having a dark, gloomy garage that is nothing more than a collection for all things unwanted are gone. Even if your garage floor is dirty or cracked, you can turn your dank garage into room for all your needs and one that your can show off to guests.

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can uncover the potential in your garage with a decorative coating. Concrete is the foundation of choice for most garages and resurfacing this durable surface can transform the entire room. Whether itís for business or home use your new garage floor surface that supports your work and play.

Your investment in one of our resurfacing options ensures you will get the highest quality materials that will keep the cost down while elevating your garage to the next level of function and aesthetics. You can avoid costly concrete slab replacement by working with our skilled team of concrete professionals. We provide a valuable alternative resurfacing solution that will last for years.

A durable surface able to withstand heavy commercial or residential use is available by resurfacing your concrete garage floor. Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions skilled professionals can provide you with a work-ready commercial floor resurfacing or a home garage floor ready for a new life.

Commercial, Residential Garage Floors

Your concrete garage floor can become much more than a slab of cement that collects oil stains or old household items. Todayís staining, coating, and overlay options allow commercial and residential property owners to improve their flooring in ways not available just a few years ago. Modern resurfacing materials provide more durability while looking as attractive as you want.

Commercial garage floors need to protect against water, oil, and chemical spills on a daily basis. Resurfacing options help prevent any flooring damage from such spills while being able to withstand the heavy workload of employees and machinery. An attractive, clean floor also promotes a sense of professionalism to any customers. This value on multiple levels offsets any investment in a resurfaced garage floor.

Homeowners can take advantage of garage floor coatings and overlays can enjoy the same benefits as a commercial covering while adding to the look and function in their home. A home garage should be one of the most active places if it is used more than a darkened storage area. A clean, useful garage floor opens opportunities for personal automotive maintenance or a redesigned new room for recreational purposes. Floor resurfacing can lead to a new use for any garage.

Long-Lasting Garage Floor Coating

The garage may be a simple, overlooked place for many homeowners, but it can be changed into a vibrant part of your home. Any garage with a solid concrete floor in place ñ even with minor cracks or oil stains ñ can become a place of pride with a professionally installed garage floor coating.

At Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions, we can help keep your decorative concrete decisions simple even with so many options available. Our team of concrete technicians will listen to what you want in a new garage floor covering, what your investment will be, and how to get all the work completed with minimal interruptions to your activities and schedule.

Our portfolio of work sets us apart as the leading garage floor resurfacing company in Texas. We have worked hard to help many clients over the years return their garages to usefulness on a daily basis. Our goal is to take your spark of creativity and turn that idea into a reality for your new floor covering. You can be proud of your garage once again!

Whatís keeping you from getting a new garage floor? Most likely the concrete in your garage has the potential for new life and thereís certainly a great choice for a new topping from todayís modern materials. Why not highlight what you already have and save money with a simple, effective, long-lasting home improvement project from our expert team? Our years of experience working with the many different coatings and overlays is at your service to update and improve your garage floor. We take pride in helping homeowners and their families as the premier decorative concrete contractor in Austin and throughout Texas.

Let our experience and skill give new life to your garage.

Top-Quality Garage Improvements

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions is a team of hard-working and exceptionally skilled concrete specialists who are driven by a dedication to make all garage jobs a real improvement for all customers. We want to help you create the signature garage look to match the style and architecture of your property. Modern methods for resurfacing provide a durable, bold function and look that saves installation time and helps you stay within budget.

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions offers affordable services for the decorative concrete garage floor resurfacing for your business or home. Let our team of professionals deliver this durable, low-maintenance flooring solution for you.

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