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Stained Concrete Flooring

The hidden gem in most commercial and residential properties is literally beneath your feet.

Concrete flooring was once dismissed as useful only in everyday uses for foundations, walkways, garages, and patios. The professionals at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can help you discover how concrete flooring can become a valuable ìadditionî to your property with less initial cost and less maintenance.

Dull slabs of concrete can be transformed into a flooring solution that complements the style and function of your business or home. Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions, the top concrete flooring contractor in Texas, has the team in place to deliver this concrete flooring transformation to add value to your property.

Concrete, also called cement, is a durable material used in all areas of a business or home. Concrete is used as outdoor and indoor flooring, outdoor decorative accents, and for interior upgrades. Concrete flooring is tough enough to withstand rough conditions from heavy equipment in a commercial setting as well as any wear and tear from furniture or pets in a residential setting.

Exposed concrete flooring lasts for years beyond other types of flooring material normally covering the underlying concrete. Concrete flooring can mimic common flooring materials such as vinyl or hardwood while providing a more durable and affordable option.

Concrete flooring is a green material that can be recycled, is energy-efficient in the production process, is produced locally, and does not reduce natural resources such as forests. Concrete flooring is also resistant to odor absorption, mildew, and mold. It also helps reduce energy costs for heating and cooling.

Home Floors

Homeowners can take advantage of the concrete in their homes and the many home improvement opportunities that concrete home floors can offer. Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions team members help homeowners understand the availability and value of concrete flooring options.

Concrete home floors donít have to conform to the drab gray slabs of bygone eras of cookie-cutter construction. Various design techniques like staining, painting, rubber stenciling for texture, acid-staining, or etching can turn a functional floor into a unique fashion statement. These modern home-improvement techniques have given rise to concrete floors as a more luxurious flooring option.

Home floors become a more flexible design opportunity thanks to concrete. This long-lasting material can be decorated in unlimited designs while leaving open the option to cover the concrete with flooring materials later if desired. Design accents such as floor rugs and heavy furniture can complement your finished concrete home floor. Concrete fits right in with traditional or modern design and architecture styles.

With most homes being built on a concrete foundation, every room in the home is an open canvas for concrete flooring. Accent rugs can add comfort on the hard flooring as needed in bedrooms or living areas. Bathrooms, basements, utility rooms, and garages are no concern for concrete flooring which repels liquids.

Concrete is so tough it wonít dent and is difficult to chip. Finished concrete is easily maintained and cleaned and will still be functional years after other flooring options like hardwood, vinyl, and carpeting are ripped up and dumped into the recycling bin.

Homeowners choosing concrete home flooring will be thankful for the year-over-year durability and cost savings.


Almost every home with a garage already has a concrete floor ready to be finished by Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions. A concrete garage floor is generally a simple first concrete improvement project for homeowners.

Garages tend to be the most trampled areas of a home both by cars and people. A reboot of the existing concrete must deliver a durable finish able to stand up to heavy traffic. Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions will put in the extra effort to make your concrete garage floor a functional and attractive home improvement project.

Just like any other area of existing concrete, dull garage floors can be transformed using modern techniques like staining, painting, rubber stenciling for texture, acid-staining, or etching. Your unnoticed workhorse garage floor can be converted into a praiseworthy accent.

An existing concrete garage floor can easily be covered with add-on flooring materials like carpet, epoxies, or rubber mats. But these materials donít hold the same luster as a decorated and polished concrete floor. A finished garage floor is a stylish and welcoming improvement to any run-of-the-mill existing concrete floor.


Driveways donít have to be taken for granted as nothing more than useful access to your property. Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions offers a variety of decorative concrete driveway designs.

These stylish options allow business or homeowners to create cost-effective custom designs that mimic popular paving materials such as brick, flagstone, cobblestone, marble, granite, or slate. New concrete driveways can be poured with creative designs while existing concrete can be stamped, stenciled, or stained with designs that bring to life otherwise drab cement.

A variety of designs and color combinations are available to create the signature look to match the landscape style and architecture of your property. Modern methods for installing decorative concrete driveways provide a natural look and feel that saves construction time and helps you stay within budget.

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions offers affordable services for the decorative concrete flooring for your business or home. Let our team of professionals deliver this durable, low-maintenance decorative concrete flooring solution for you.

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