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Concrete Epoxy Flooring

Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions is a locally owned decorative concrete flooring company in Austin, TX that provides high quality epoxy flooring. Our team has the experience, skill, tools, and technology to transform your rugged concrete into an attractive, epoxy-covered surface.

Whether for industrial, business, or home, Austin Decorative Concrete solutions is the premiere decorative concrete company in Austin and throughout Central Texas. Our team of professional epoxy specialists can work with you to realize your ideas for applying epoxy flooring to give your business or home a great new look.

Applying epoxy is a simple process from the professionals at Austin Decorative Concrete. The liquid epoxy offers endless options for application and once it cures, or hardens, it settles into a durable, long-lasting coating. Epoxy is made of resins and hardeners. Combining these two materials causes a chemical reaction that creates a hardened, plastic-like covering. Epoxy bonds to the concrete surface and changes its appearance into a new flooring cover that is both strong and beautiful.

You can say, ìso long,î to dingy, stained, unsightly concrete. In addition to improving appearances in your business or home, a new epoxy floor resists damage from chemical spills, scratches, water leaks, and the wear and tear from foot traffic or vehicle tires.

As a top-rated epoxy flooring company in Austin, our company can install epoxy concrete solutions in a variety of options. Whether you want a high-gloss epoxy floor in a particular color, or you would prefer a stylish metallic epoxy floor, our team of professionals can get the work done. A design as classic as flake epoxy flooring can deliver a custom flooring solution that complements your business facility or home dÈcor.

Epoxy flooring stays beautiful for years

Epoxy floors have a lifespan of up to 10 to 20 years based on the type of epoxy used. Professionally installed epoxy flooring from Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions should not crack or peel. When this hardened chemical sets in it will hold up to many years of extensive use even in tough areas such as commercial or industrial. Epoxy floor coverings add an incredibly hard layer to existing concrete which is itself tough.

How long an epoxy will last and its durability depends on the type of epoxy. Consider the qualities and benefits of epoxy from Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions when selecting the best type suited for your needs.

Types of epoxy include:

  • A 100 percent solid-based epoxy is considered the strongest type. It is ideal for many commercial or industrial applications and worth the added cost due to its durability. This premium epoxy can handle daily abuse from heavy equipment. It is recommended that when installing epoxy of this level that you use a professional flooring company due to its caustic properties.
  • Another practical use epoxy for industrial or commercial use is solvent based. It isnít 100 percent solid, usually 40 to 60 percent, yet it has exceptional bonding properties. Solvent-based epoxy should also be applied by professionals.
  • An affordable and practical epoxy choice for residential use is water-based epoxy. It effectively holds up against normal foot and vehicle traffic in applications such as a basement, walkway, garage, or even interior floors. While this type is available at home improvement stores, we use a grade above this and apply it using our professional epoxy flooring expertise.

All epoxy flooring types from Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can be mixed and matched to a variety of color choices. You can also add decorative features such as a metallic look along with creative chips or flakes to add a stylish effect.

Benefits of quality epoxy flooring

At Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions, we understand that our clients are seeking a quality epoxy flooring that fits within their budget and will last.

Epoxy is an affordable option when compared to more traditional yet expensive flooring materials. The epoxy flooring experts at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions will work with you to evaluate your needs and provide a free estimate. Our team works with all customers to maintain an affordable budget. Our goal is to provide quality materials and service that delivers what you need.

Epoxy flooring is durable and lasts for years so it has lower maintenance costs over the life of the material. Dust and grime donít stick to epoxy surfaces like most flooring materials. Cleaning is simpler and less work. Regular cleaning and a reseal every few years as needed keeps the epoxy working effectively.

Epoxy flooring is tough. When it hardens after application the chemical reaction canít be undone. The chemicals stay strong and durable while protecting the underlying concrete and providing a practical flooring surface. Epoxy can also provide a slip-resistant surface that helps in any area subject to wet floors like a kitchen.

There are many flexible options for creating beautiful designs with all the ranges in colors and applications. Epoxy flooring has grown in popularity because of this creative flexibility combines with such versatile and durable. surface. Add in fast installation when you use the professionals at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions, and you can see why epoxy flooring is a great addition to your business or home.

Expert epoxy flooring company

Epoxy flooring provides an affordable alternative to other improvement options. Clients can enjoy lower overall investment, limited maintenance needs, durable sustainability, and stylish results that last for years. The professional team at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can deliver the epoxy flooring installation for your next improvement project. Give us a call today!

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