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Decorative Concrete

Businesses and homeowners can revitalize any drab concrete surface with decorative concrete options. What was once just an everyday, gray slab of concrete can become an artistic and functional addition supporting the overall value of your business or home. This transformation is available thanks to Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions, the top decorative concrete contractor in Texas.

When you’re wanting a high-end look and feel to your property without a high-dollar price tag, decorative concrete delivers the value and aesthetic you’re seeking. Concrete is a durable material used in all areas of a business or home. Concrete is used as outdoor and indoor flooring, outdoor decorative accents, and for interior upgrades.

People are surprised that this industrial-level construction material is more than just the foundation for driveways, garage floors, and patios. Concrete is regularly used for countertops, tables, and additional flooring because of its lower cost and its ability to be transformed from plain “rock” to a highly decorative accent for your property.

Modern methods and materials can convert concrete into an artistic highlight that mirrors rock such as flagstone, marble, granite, or even brick. Decorative techniques can be applied to new or existing concrete for an investment far less than the cost of high-value masonry.

There are many advantages of adding decorative concrete to your commercial or residential property.

Concrete offers artistic design options

The team at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions can help you transform your next concrete project into a work of art.

Advanced techniques applied by the skilled professionals on our team allow concrete to become a beautiful part of your business or home. Typical outdoor areas such as driveways and patios can be finished to change dull concrete into fashionable designs to appear as realistic as stone or brick. Garage floors can be transformed from stained eyesores to creatively enhanced and pleasing functional surfaces.

Combinations of designs and colors are virtually endless with decorative concrete. The often-overlooked areas of your business or home that are used daily – floors, countertops, and more – can now be viewed as opportunities to beautify that functional area of concreted.

Do you have a boring bath or kitchen countertop that gets less appealing each year of use? You can replace it with a concrete countertop that produces a tough surface that can stand up to the harsh daily use within any business or home. Decorate a concrete countertop with creative patterns to match your bathroom or kitchen décor and you’ve quickly upgraded your interior design to a new level of beauty.

Professionally designed and installed decorative concrete can mirror most home-improvement materials. Nature’s own designs from stone, granite, marble, wood, and even leather can be applied using creative concreate. Concrete walls, flooring, walkways, pool decks, patios, or garage floors can be dramatically enhanced.

When designed and created by the experienced professionals at Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions, your new concrete creation can add stylish architectural features to your business or home. This provides a beautiful new enhancement that transforms boring functional areas into elements of charm for your property.

The excitement from beautifying your property with decorative concrete is almost contagious, and it gets even better when you understand the additional advantages of this improvement option.

Concrete is versatile, long-lasting material

Concrete has been used for literally thousands of years as a functional material to build most any kind of structure from roads to bridges to office buildings to homes. Concrete is literally in the foundation of most buildings and homes, so it is known to hold up over years. Almost every property has some form of concrete as part of its design and infrastructure.

Concrete really can “do it all,” but don’t be lulled into the common idea that concrete is dull or boring. Decorative ideas and techniques can transform this versatile material into an attractive accent while maintaining all aspects of its functional use. The durability of concrete offers more freedom in design and use for a variety of surfaces.

Concrete as a functional material means it is durable and resilient against potential damage. It can withstand everyday use in all areas from walkways to flooring to surfaces such as countertops. Concrete can be chipped or scratched, but someone would have to work hard to damage concrete in everyday use. Pet claws, kitchen knives, hard furniture, and tough shoes will meet their match with concrete.

Once concrete is properly installed maintenance is simple. Depending on the surface and its use, concrete will need to be sealed or waxed periodically to preserve its surface layer. This helps protect any decorative colors and designs along with the durability of the concrete. Mild cleaning solutions help keep the surface clean and tougher stains can be tackled with heavy cleaning pads as needed.

Decorative concrete holds up in heavy use areas from your home kitchen counters to commercial retail store floors. Proper maintenance keeps concrete surfaces in shape to last for years, even decades, beyond other materials.

Save money with decorative concrete

Estimating the cost of adding traditional wood or vinyl flooring can be a shock to any budget-conscious property owner. Tack on costs of new countertops and the value of concrete becomes more apparent. Decorative concrete provides an advantage where you can take an existing area of concrete and transform it into an affordable new look and feel for your property. Concrete also allows for flexibility in design for replacement or additional fixtures such as countertops.

Part of the cost advantage for decorative concrete is that for most projects you’re using already existing material. Transforming a driveway, patio, or pool deck into an attractive accent requires a creative design and the proper decorative concrete techniques. Even when adding or replacing existing surfaces, such as countertops, the cost of concrete is far less than expensive upgrades such as granite or marble. Professional decorative concrete design easily matches the upscale look and feel of stylish materials.

Commercial and residential consumers are discovering the cost-conscious advantages of this reliable material. Decorative concrete allows you to gain a look of luxury while avoiding a drain on your budget. The savings from a decorative concrete project allow consumers to invest in other projects around their property.

Professional decorative concrete installers

Decorative concrete opens a world of ideas and designs to enhance your next business or home improvement project. Austin Decorative Concrete Solutions will provide the professional installation for you. Contact our team of experts at the top decorative concrete contractor in Texas so you can discover the variety of decorative concrete options for your next project. 

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